VAL Automation - Our company

Address: No 17, Demirchyan St., Yerevan, 0002, Armenia
Tel.: 00374-10-566720
Fax: 00374-10-543448
E-mail: VAL@web.am

VAL Automation LLC is one of the essential providers of automation equipments and services in Armenia. VAL Automation LLC is founded in 2005 y.

We offer automation simple, accessible and effective solutions based on PLCs,
Programmable Inverters, HMIs, and tenths other unique programmable controllers.
- Measuring and Controlling of the temperature, humidity, pressure, distance,
speed, time, load and more than other 40 processes.
- Monitoring and leading all above via PC, HMI and other equipments.
- Providing of the all kind of sensors inductive, capacitive, photo electric, ultrasonic, etc.
- Inverters from different suppliers.
- PLCs also with programming services if required.
- Heaters (Cartridges, Nozzles, Helicoidals).
- Hydrolics and componentes Solenoid valves and pressure reducers for air, water, steam, etc,
- Electric panel componentes – Contactores, relays, Cicuit brackers, ductes, terminals, etc.
  We provide also a large number of Lab equipmentes (We offer also large range of Lab equipments
  (PH, IR, M/S, HPA, MBAR, UM, LUX, NH4, SO2, CO, CO2, O2, PPM, DB, RPM, TD, RH, C0, F0) 

Automated sample jobs:
- Motion control
- Machinery,
- Pasteurization, hemogenizetion - Milk industry,
- Autoclaves
- Food industry,
- Ovens - Meat industry.
- Process control - Mineral water and drinks, Confectionary products,
- Plastic and alumin producs, tobacco products,
- Stone industry and a larg number of the other manufacturing companies